Residency on the Farm

Come Make Art

Residency on the Farm offers artists of various disciplines a week to step away from busy lives and busy streets in order to focus on their work. Immersed in the rolling hills and sandstone bluffs of Southern Wisconsin’s driftless region, participants can work undisturbed for hours. They can also take breaks to walk through 80 collective acres of woods and farmland, float down the Pecatonica River and watch stars and the moon light up the night sky. They can talk to other artists about stuff that’s really important to them. They can eat delicious, healthy, locally grown foods. Then they can eat s’mores around the fire pit.

Goals of the Residency on the Farm:

  • Create an open and inviting space that fosters individual and collaborative artistic expression

  • Get a lot of work done

  • Encourage conversation, thought, and action

  • Be kind, supportive, and honest

  • Strive for excellence and innovation

  • Engage with, respect, and enjoy really beautiful places